Moodle Training Modules

Instructions For Entering Midterm and Final Grades in Moodle

Instructions for Midterm and Final Grade Entry

Click on this simple instruction set for entering Midterm and Final Grades in the Moodle ILP Intergration Block


Moodle Training Modules

Connect Course with Moodle Course using MH-Campus

This link shows an instructor how to pair a Connect Course with a Moodle Course.

Moodle Training Modules

User Guides for McGraw-Hill Connect

Here is an easy instructional on how an Instructor performs a grade sync with MH Campus Classic Integration

How does an instructor perform a grade sync (MH Campus – Classic Integration)

Click on the link to open up simple instructions.

Moodle Training Modules

Remove McGraw-Hill Connect from Moodle Gradebook for Students

  1. Go to “Grades”
  2. To go “Gradebook Setup”
  3. Hide “McGraw-Hill Connect”
  4. Go to “Course Grade Settings”
  5. Under “User Report” find “Hide totals if they contain hidden items”
  6. Select “Show totals excluding hidden items”
Moodle Training Modules

Moodle Gradebook Set Up

Grade book set up is an important part of building a course in Moodle.  On the right side of the Moodle course shell, underneath the administration block, is where we will get started.

The most common type of grading is in the ‘Aggregation’ category and the best practice mode for this set up is the ‘Natural’ category name.  It looks like this within the settings of the Moodle shell.


— How Moodle Calculates grades

— Natural

— Sum of all grade values scaled by weight

— Select in both the course category and each grade category

— Select “edit” and then “edit settings”


— Weights

— Select check box to change weight


Moodle Training Modules

Moodle Integration with TurnItIn Feedback Studio

This video is a live demo of TurnItIn Feedback Studio with Moodle Integration. It is a good reference for best practices and steps to using this tool.

Moodle Training Modules

How to Import Content into a New Course Shell

Turn Editing Settings On

In your new course:

On the right hand side of the Moodle course, find your Administration Block




Scroll down to IMPORT

A list of courses will be on the page, listed in alphabetical order. You can either scroll through the pages of courses, or much easier just type the name of the course your looking for in the search bar. Then select your preferred course.

Then you will work through several steps to select which content from past courses you want in the new course, if your not sure about the content you want or don’t want in your new course, don’t worry you can always delete out of the new course what you don’t want.

  1. Course Selection   2. Initial Settings   3. Schema Settings   4. Confirm and Review   5. Perform Import   6. Complete.

It is recommended that you do uncheck “Include groups and groupings” and “Announcements” from the import process to avoid duplicating these items in your shell.

Uncheck groups and groupings Uncheck Announcements during import

Moodle Training Modules

Adjusting Quizzes

Instructors who use Moodle grade book, have frequently asked us how they can make adjustments to students quiz grades after the quiz was taken and initially graded within Moodle.  They are two ways to do this.

A. Manually adjusting every grade.

  1. Go to grades and select “single view” from the pull down menu near the top left of the screen.
  2. Once there select the “grade item” you want to adjust
  3. On the grade item screen scroll to the right and you will see a column labeled “override”
  4. Select “all” under override and you will now be able to manually enter a score and/or adjust the score

B. The other option is to add 5 points to every quiz as a default for that quiz.  To do this follow these steps:

  1. Go to the grade book setup
  2. Select “edit settings” for the item you want to add points to.
  3. Scroll down and just above “grade category” you will see a link for “show more”. Click this
  4. Find “offset” and enter the number of points you want added to each student’s quiz.
  5. Don’t forget to select “save changes” when done.







Faculty News Training Modules

SMART Boards and Projectors

This website offers training tips as well as standardized ways to use SMART Boards and Projectors in the class room.  Please email or call 708-255-5890 option 2 to arrange for in-person training with a member of our team.

Moodle Training Modules

Moodle: Quiz User Overrides

Group and User Overrides

Dates, timing and number of allowed attempts may be changed for individual users or groups by following the links Group Overrides or User Overrides in the Quiz Administration settings block.

Group overrides

To change a quiz setting for a particular group, click the “add group override” button in Quiz Administration>Group overrides, make the changes you wish and save or enter another override.

User overrides

To change a quiz setting for a particular user or users, click the “add user override”button in Quiz Administration>User overrides, make the changes you wish and save or enter another override.

Site administration settings

The quiz module has additional settings which may be changed by an administrator in Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Quiz.

The time period settings for a quiz (such as time limit, submission grace period, auto-save period and so on) can be set here with a duration of seconds, minutes, hours, days or weeks. These defaults will then be used when new quizzes are created.

This video demonstrates how to give a user override to a student for taking a quiz. This override can change the closing date, time limit, and even the number of attempts.

Auto-save period, If enabled, student responses will be saved at regular period according to the selection here. The default is ‘one’ minute. This is useful so that students don’t lose work but does increase the load on the server.