Cengage Unlimited textbooks and learning content integrates with D2L Brightspace courses.  Instructors and students can follow these easy directions should they have any trouble.


  • New to Cengage – create a new account (remember to use SSC email account)
  • First time integrating your Cengage learning content into D2L – Watch Video (4:09)
  • Already used Cengage in a previous D2L course – Copy D2L Course – Watch Video (2:53)
  • Only using Cengage eBook in your D2L Course – Watch Video (1:54)

The above videos require a login to Office.com (same as you use with SSC email or D2L).

Need help? 

Or Contact SSC’s Account Representative

Jesse Hunt
Email: jesse.hunt@cengage.com
Phone: 869-657-4372
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  • Start off by asking your instructor how they use Cengage in their courses.  Sometimes they can answer many of your questions.
  • New to Cengage – Register for an Account – Watch Video (remember to use SSC email address)
  • Cengage Unlimited Support – Select Student.

Student Spring 2024 Office Hours:

When: Starting January 9th and running through February 8th 

Tuesday/Thursday – 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Central

Wednesdays                 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Central                                                                    5:00 PM – 7:00 PM Central 

***Please note that Office Hours will not be held from 9-11AM CST on Wednesday, February 7th.***

Students can join during any of the times list above by using the following link: https://cp.cengage.com/OfficeHours-Student-Pro-Owens_STST_LP_2911436