Cengage Unlimited textbooks and learning content integrates with D2L Brightspace courses.  Students must access their Cengage material through their SSC D2L courses.

Instructors and students can follow these easy directions should they have any trouble.


  • New to Cengage – create a new account (remember to use SSC email account)
  • First time integrating your Cengage learning content into D2L – Watch Video (4:09)
  • Already used Cengage in a previous D2L course – Copy D2L Course – Watch Video (2:53)
  • Only using Cengage eBook in your D2L Course – Watch Video (1:54)

The above videos require a login to Office.com (same as you use with SSC email or D2L).

Need help? 

Or Contact SSC’s Account Representatives

Jesse Hunt
Email: jesse.hunt@cengage.com
Phone: 869-657-4372
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Sarah Osborn
Customer Success Manager
Email: sarah.osborn@cengage.com
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  • Start off by asking your instructor how they use Cengage in their courses.  Sometimes they can answer many of your questions.
  • Login to your D2L Brightspace course.
  • Find any Cengage material your instructor has posted in the D2L course and you will be asked for a one-time login.
  • Already have an account? Login with your credentials.
  • New to Cengage – Register for an Account – Watch Video (remember to use SSC email address)
  • Need help? Visit Cengage Unlimited Support – Select Student.