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Cross-listed Courses in D2L

Seeing triple or more?  When a course that is cross-listed  in Colleague is batched to D2L at least three shells are created.  One shell for each of the individual courses (ART-130-003 and then ART-E77-703) and one shell with the courses combined (ART-130-003, ART-E77-703).  This process allows instructors increased flexibility.  If you do not plan to […]

Student Self-Service: Student Planning & Registration

Step 1: Go to https://www.ssc.edu and click on the SELF-SERVICE LOGIN or go directly to https://selfservice.ssc.edu then enter your username and password Step 2: Once in Self-Service, you have several options. Click “Student Planning” Step 3: Click option 1, “Go to My Progress” to view your academic progress in your degree, determine which courses are […]

How to get to Self Service for Students

When searching for registration options or class schedules, students can use the Self Service page.  This page allows the student to manage course set up, create a calendar schedule for classes that they want to register for, and essentially ensure their registration is official.  It is an easy way to manage the student schedule, as […]