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Passwords – Changing and Recovering Your Student Password

Steps for Students to change, and in the future recover, their password:

Using your existing Username and Password log into the Password Self-Service Portal –>

welcome message text

Accept the short user disclaimer by clicking the I agree checkbox and then clicking Accept:

user disclamer language

Select three (3) security questions and give an answer for each one. These questions and answers will be used in the future if you ever need to recover your student password.

security question text

After completing the questions and answers you will be successfully enrolled in the Password Self-Service Portal.

Once you have successfully enrolled you can change your password at any time.

After registering you can use a mobile app to manage your student password. Instructions on where to download the app as well as how to configure it can be found by clicking the Mobile Access button on the screen.

There’s an app for that!

Don’t Know Your Password and Haven’t Enrolled in the Password Self-Service Portal?

You can receive your password by visiting the Office of Admissions (Rm 2348) on the main campus with a valid photo ID.  If you have a secondary email address on file with the college you can just call the Office of Admissions (708-210-5718) with your username or student ID number to have your password sent to this secondary address.  You can also use the legacy online resend password form.  An email will then be sent to the secondary email address on file.

Chat with D2L Technical Support

  1. To chat with D2L Technical Support 24/7 login to our D2L Brightspace environment at
  2. From your desktop click on the “Got Questions” widget in the upper right hand corner of the main landing page.
    D2L Support Widget
  3. Click on “Chat with Support” in the lower right-hand side. Chat with D2L Support
  4. If additional assistance is needed, please do not hesitate to contact the Teaching and Learning Center at

Student Self-Service: Student Planning & Registration

Step 1: Go to and click on the SELF-SERVICE LOGIN or go directly to then enter your username and password

College Home Page

Step 2: Once in Self-Service, you have several options. Click “Student Planning”

Self-Service Homepage

Step 3: Click option 1, “Go to My Progress” to view your academic progress in your degree, determine which courses are still remaining, and search for courses.

Planning Overview

Step 4: View of program progress and requirements page. Click on each course that you would like to plan.

View your programs

Step 5: Once a course is selected click “Add Course to Plan”

Add Course to Plan

Step 6 & 7: You must “Select a term” that you intend to take the selected course. Then hit “Add Course to Plan.” This will add the course to your timeline.

Search for Courses and Sections

Step 8: Repeat steps 4-7 until all remaining required courses have been added to your plan.

Step 9: Proceed to “Timeline” to review your courses.

Step 10: Your timeline can be viewed by selecting “Student Planning,” then “Plan and Schedule,” then “Timeline”.

Review your timeline

Step 11: When your degree plan planned courses) is ready for review by the counselor, send an email to and place “Degree Audit” in the subject line, or contact SSC’s  Counseling center at (708) 596-2000 Ext. 5724 and let them know that you are ready for the counselor to review your plan or Degree Audit.

NOTE:  This does not mean that you are registered for classes.

Please proceed to the next steps to determine how to plan a specific section of a course and register.

Step 12: From the Student Planning overview screen, select option 2: “Plan and schedule.”

Select Register for Classes

Step 13: View available course sections by clicking “View other sections.” Use the arrows under that link to see more options. Each section block lists the course date and time, available seats, and the instructor.

View available sections

Step 14: Once you find the section you wish to register for, you can click either the box in the section list (left side), or the calendar planner (right side).

Add section to plan

Once you select the section, a pop-up box will open. Click “Add Section

Add the section

Step 15: Once you add the section, that course will stay on your weekly calendar so you can continue to build your schedule. The planned/selected section will show up in YELLOW.

Planned sections will be in yellow

Step 16: Repeat steps 13-15 until you have a complete schedule. Choose the schedule that best fits your needs. You are almost finished, but you are not registered, yet!

Step 17: Once you have chosen a section for each class, review your schedule one last time. Online classes will be listed at the bottom. You can remove sections by clicking the circled X in each section box.

Remove section by clicking the "x"

Step 18: When your schedule is complete, click the “Register Now” button in the top right corner. This box will turn BLUE and you will be able to click when registration is open.

Click register now

The yellow boxes will turn green when you have registered.


  • If any of the sections remain yellow or have a red outline (meaning there are no seats available), you will need to click the circled X in that box and find another section. Make sure each section you try to register for has available seats and is not full.
  • Any notifications about registration holds, business office holds, parking fines, or prerequisite issues will pop up in the top right corner of the screen. If this happens, you will need to contact your advisor.

How to get to Self Service for Students

When searching for registration options or class schedules, students can use the Self Service page.  This page allows the student to manage course set up, create a calendar schedule for classes that they want to register for, and essentially ensure their registration is official.  It is an easy way to manage the student schedule, as well as, take a look at class synopsis’ and other information provided about course content, time, and date availability.  Its your one stop shop for taking classes at South Suburban.

On the home page, the lower right hand corner, click on SSC Self Service. It will ask you to log in with your SSC credentials, and from there you will be all set to start the registration process.