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Quiz and Test Attempts in Moodle Courses Part 2

Remember the sample quiz in the last post is an outlier example, simply because most instructors won’t give you two days to finish a simple quiz, however the concept is still the same as far as the ability to review your work and attempt the quiz multiple times. When you’re done with the attempt, simply click on finish attempt on the bottom right hand side, and then if their is more time allotted, then the student can go back and review. It is up to the instructor to allow more than one attempt, so be sure to read and review all instructions given on how to take quiz.

Moodle TLC Student

Quiz and Test Attempts in Moodle Courses

When taking a quiz or test in your Moodle course, it is important to know exactly how much time the student has to attempt the quiz.  Instructors are able to set time limits on quizzes and tests, and the student should most definitely know exactly when the attempts are allowed, not only so they can prepare for the quiz/test, but not miss it entirely and get no credit for taking the quiz/test. In this sample the instructor has laid out a two day time period to take the quiz, and also gives the student just 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the quiz/test.

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Moodle Assignments and Grades


Assignments and Grades

–Why is my course average so low?
Don’t panic! The Moodle gradebook takes into account unmarked and unsubmitted work. In other words,
you start with zero and as you progress through the course and complete graded activities the percentage
will steadily rise.

–Why is there no upload box?
This is either because:
• The assignment has now closed
• The assignment is not yet open
• You already uploaded something and the settings prevent resubmissions

–How can I see my recent assignment feedback?
There are many ways you can access their feedback. The most common method is by simply going to the
same place where you uploaded the work. One more common method is to follow the link in the recent
activity block (if the teacher has included it on the course). Another method would be to access the grade
book and then follow the link for the required assignment. Depending upon how the assignment was
setup, you may receive an email when it has been marked with a direct link to the feedback.


–Which button do I press when I have finished a quiz?
That depends upon what you want to do….
• Save without Submitting: Saves your answers in case something happens with your session.
• Submit All and Finish: Submits the Assessment for Grading.

–Why did I get a zero grade on my quiz?
You might have exceeded the quiz time limit.

Technical Support

Who can I contact if I am in need of Moodle technical assistance?
Please email or call (708) 225-5825.

Moodle TLC Student

Moodle Email for Students

Moodle courses offer a separate E-mail option that is completely outside of the regular SSC student email.  This allows the course instructor to keep only materials and excerpts just for that course only.  Its the best way for students and instructors alike to keep the class completely organized in one common area. Remember that this email is for just the participants in the course, so no other outside persons can send or receive messages.  Students can access the email in the navigation block of the course on the right hand side of the page. 

Moodle TLC Student

Assignments and Homework

Recently it has come to my attention that students need help in turning in assignments and homework within the respective Moodle course. Let’s say the instructor assigns the student a simple question and answer format for homework. You read the passage assigned, feel comfortable in answering the questions related to the read, just like reading comprehension homework that has happened throughout the educational process. So now inside Moodle, the homework is ready to be turned in.

Most instructors offer one of two ways the work can be turned in.

Sample assignment in week of class

Lets say the student is asked to take a look at a few photos of some plants cells in biology. Then the student has to write a few facts about each cell, creating somewhat of a self study guide.

The first way to turn in the assignment is too click on the assignment, in this case a sample photo assignment, and a box will appear with instructions. Click on ADD Submission, and an Online Text box will appear. The Student then can just type their answers in the box and save the changes, turn in the assignment and then await grading.

The second way is the familiar drag and drop files option, or file submission. Maybe the instructor wants you to use more advanced answers, and has asked you to write a couple pages on the pictures of your plant cells. So the student opens a word document, has done all the research and has saved their work to a file folder on their desktop, or a flash drive. The student will see a box that looks similar to this:

Sample File upload box

Simply drag and drop your file into the box by clicking on the file where you have it saved, or use the add feature in the right hand corner of the drop box, and search for your file, select upload, then submit your assignment. It works very similar to attaching files in an ordinary e-mail account.

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Moodle Content for Students

After you have logged on to your Moodle course the first thing you should note is how the interface works.  There are two factors of how the page works. Number one is the Content (outline/material) within the page.  Number Two is the Blocks or functionality within the page.

Below are small lists of what you should be prepared to look for in these areas.

A. Content                                                                                                             

  1. Outline style-
  2. Specific Dates for Assignments
  3. Can be Topic Based or Due Dates
  4. Most courses set up week to week basis throughout semester


B. Function

  1.    Latest news about the course
  2.    Forums or Discussions within the course
  3.    My Courses options  (toggle back and forth between your courses)
  4.    Moodle Email
  5.    Blocks are collapsible for easy navigation throughout the page.
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How to get to Self Service for Students

When searching for registration options or class schedules, students can use the Self Service page.  This page allows the student to manage course set up, create a calendar schedule for classes that they want to register for, and essentially ensure their registration is official.  It is an easy way to manage the student schedule, as well as, take a look at class synopsis’ and other information provided about course content, time, and date availability.  Its your one stop shop for taking classes at South Suburban.

On the home page, the lower right hand corner, click on SSC Self Service. It will ask you to log in with your SSC credentials, and from there you will be all set to start the registration process. 

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What Is Moodle

Moodle is the on line based program that South Suburban uses to teach both completely on-line type courses as well as traditional face to face course instruction.

It is the essential way to receive content from the course, including the course syllabus, course instructions and news forums that will assist the student in learning.  Moodle provides ways to discuss material through its news forum option.  This can be material or messages that the instructor has sent, or students can present information in the forum section as well.  The news forum section is like an open instant message system within the class, which can provide all the members of the class help if needed.

The instructor in any particular Moodle course has set up the way the class interacts.  Students can easily navigate to where assignments are, or due dates for quizzes and tests.  Keep in mind that most instructors set up time limits on when the student can submit homework assignments or taking quizzes.  So be sure to keep up with the work so that it doesn’t affect your overall grade. Be aware as well that Moodle has a separate e mail link than your SSC email, so if a student has any further questions about how they can achieve things within the course they can always use this e mail.

If extra help is needed, the student can always ask the instructor, or we encourage them to call the Moodle help desk.

708-225-5825 option 2 



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Reclaiming A Lost Password

Don’t Know Your Password?

Did you know your secure user name and password are unique?  You can receive your password by visiting the Office of Admissions (Rm 2348) on the main campus with a valid photo ID.  If you have a secondary email address on file with the college you can just call the Office of Admissions (708-210-5718) with your username or student ID number to have your password sent to this secondary address.  You can also use the online resend password form.  An email will then be sent to the secondary email address on file.


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Several Ways Students Can Log on to Moodle

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Accessing Moodle

1.  Students are encouraged to access Moodle directly by typing in the URL into their web browser.  For the best experience we recommend using Google Chrome, Fire Fox and Safari.


2.  Visit and use the link in the footer menu under Self Service on almost any SSC webpage or on the SSC Self Service page itself.