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2024SP Faculty Semester Guide

Updated: January 13, 2024

Got questions? This page is full of resources to the questions folks are asking most frequently about 2024SP. Don’t forget to check for additional resources at or email for additional assistance.

Things You Need to Know Before the Semester Begins

Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication

Getting Stated with Office 365

D2L Subscription Training / Brightspace Community

TL Live Training Calendar

Best Practices for Basic D2L Content

Getting Started with Simple Syllabus

Getting Started with Simulcast/Dual Delivery and/or Lecture Capture

Getting Started with Bongo

Scheduling a Meeting and Launching Bongo

Getting Started with Turnitin

Cross-listed/Dual Delivery Courses in D2L (Hidding Courses)

Using Groups and Restrictions to Assign Quizzes or Other Activities

Getting Started with the Promethean Titanium ActivPanel

Getting Started with the Epson Brightlink Projector

Outcomes Assessment – Rubrics at SSC – General Education and Course Level

Getting Started with Respondus for Online Proctoring

Things You Need to Know About Grading

Entering Attendance Verification in D2L

Entering Active Pursuit and Midterms in D2L

Entering Final Grades in D2L

Getting Started with the Promethean Titanium ActivPanel

Updated: August 4, 2021

Need help getting to know your new Promethean Titanium ActivPanel? Here are some great resources and tips!

Visit for more instructor training directly from Promethean!

Quick Start Steps

A Quick Walk Through with Jamie
Mounted Promethean Titanium Active Panel Home Screen in Classrooms

Red Circle 1: Although the Promethean ActivPanel should come on automatically as you approach, there is a ‘POWER BUTTON’ on the bottom of the frame to turn the unit on/off.

Red Circle 2, 3 & 4: These arrows provide access to your ActivPanel ‘MENU’ page.

Active Panel Menu Options
Apps screen
Apps in the Locker

Pictured above is the ‘LOCKER’ options menu with the Apps and Settings. Promethean ‘LOCKER’ allows access to commonly used Apps such as:

  • Chromium (Default Web Browser)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Acrobat
Ports at the Bottom Front of the Frame

The Promethean ActivPanel has additional USB and HDMI ports for accessing external media located at the bottom front of the frame.

Home and HDMI Source Options

The Promethean ActivPanel has an option to mirror what is on the Teacher’s Workstation in the classroom. On the home screen select one of the arrows to bring up the menu block. Click on ‘SOURCE’ and select ‘HDMI 2’. The display on the Promethean ActivPanel will now mirror the Teacher’s Workstation. The Promethean ActivPanel is a touch-screen and can now be used to control the Teacher’s Workstation.

You can also change the input by pressing the ‘Source’ button on the bottom of the ActivPanel frame.

Please note that the Promethean ActivPanel is touch-sensitive. It is important to not PRESS TOO HARD which can cause DAMAGE to the screen. The ActivPanel comes with a ‘PEN’ for those who want to use it as an option to the touch-screen function.


Optional Laptop Connection

Instructors can use their personal lap top computer to replace the Teacher’s Workstation in the classroom.

NOTE: By using your personal laptop you will not be able to use the interactive features of the Epson Integrated Projector or the Promethean ActivPanel.

Step 1: Connect the USB and HDMI cables into the corresponding laptop ports as shown below.

USB Connection

HDMI Connection

Step 2: Press the black button so the green light changes from input 1/A to input 2/B on the HDMI video switch. This connects the laptop to the projection system.

Step 3: Press the circular Webcam controller button to switch the Webcam connection from the Instructor Workstation to the Laptop.

USB switch


Optional Use of a Document Camera

Step 1: Turn on (Blue Light Comes On) the Elmo Document Camera Power

Step 2: Select ‘EIT ICON’ Shortcut on Teachers Workstation.

Elmo Operation Face, Power

Step 3: Select ‘Primary Display’ to display image on Teachers Workstation or Select ‘Secondary Display’ to display image on Projector Display Screen.

Step 4: Users can use the ‘Pen Feature’ within the EIT Program to mark or edit what is being displayed.

Elmo Pen User Options
PC Display Output

Step 5: Once you are finished with the unit, make sure you turn the document camera off. (NO Lights on the unit).