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Creating a Breakout Room on Teams

Microsoft Teams allows the user to create breakout rooms within the meeting. Follow these simple steps below to create the breakout room:

  • Enter the Teams Meeting that you have set up and Select Rooms
Selection of Teams Rooms
  • Choose the number of rooms you want to create drop down: this example is 2
Breakout Rooms Picture
  • Then under the Assign Participants option box:
  • Select Automatically assign people to each room for random groups
  • Select Manually assign people to room for familiarity
  • Click on the ‘Create Rooms’ tab and the breakout rooms are all set
Create Room option button
Click on Create Rooms for Breakout Rooms in Meeting

Using Microsoft Bookings to Schedule Virtual and On-Campus Office Hours

Online appointment scheduling is here! You can now allow students to schedule office hours with you with just a click of a link. All meetings will appear on your Outlook calendar. If you choose to meet with students virtually, a Microsoft Teams meeting link will be created and sent automatically to the student on your behalf.


Login at using your SSC username, and network password.


Select the “Apps” icon from the navigation bar on the left. If “Bookings” is listed on your Microsoft 365 Apps page, click to open and proceed to STEP 5 of this guide.

Bookings listed on Microsoft 365 App Screen


Click on the Apps link from the left menu, and navigate to the “Get More Apps” in the upper right-hand corner of your browser window on a desktop or laptop.


On the next screen, click on the “Bookings” app to add it to Office 365.


Follow the prompts on the images below to create a new meeting type.

Be sure to copy the link to your “Personal Booking Page” or the unique meeting you created especially for your students and add it to your D2L course shells and Simple Syllabus so that they can easily book virtual office hours with you online.


You can restrict the ability of your schedule to just your posted office hours by setting “custom availability hours” for the meeting type you wish to share.

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Office 365 – Outlook and Teams


WATCH A REPLAY (SSC Username and Network Password Required)

How to Login and Access:

  • Visit:
  • Username: Type in your complete SSC email address
  • Password is your same single sign-on (same as you use for D2L, etc.)
    • Multi-factor authentication is required (if you haven’t set this up already, view setup)

Outlook (email and calendar)


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