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Creating a Breakout Room on Teams

Microsoft Teams allows the user to create breakout rooms within the meeting. Follow these simple steps below to create the breakout room:

  • Enter the Teams Meeting that you have set up and Select Rooms
Selection of Teams Rooms
  • Choose the number of rooms you want to create drop down: this example is 2
Breakout Rooms Picture
  • Then under the Assign Participants option box:
  • Select Automatically assign people to each room for random groups
  • Select Manually assign people to room for familiarity
  • Click on the ‘Create Rooms’ tab and the breakout rooms are all set
Create Room option button
Click on Create Rooms for Breakout Rooms in Meeting

Office 365 – Outlook and Teams


WATCH A REPLAY (SSC Username and Network Password Required)

How to Login and Access:

  • Visit: https://office.com
  • Username: Type in your complete SSC email address
  • Password is your same single sign-on (same as you use for D2L, etc.)
    • Multi-factor authentication is required (if you haven’t set this up already, view setup)

Outlook (email and calendar)


Need Help?

  • Email the Teaching and Learning Center at ssconline@ssc.edu