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Fall 2023 Information for Dual Credit Instructors

Thank you for supporting the Dual Credit Program with South Suburban College and your high school.


We will be using D2L Brightspace this semester as our learning management system (LMS).

Links to D2L Brightspace, Office 365, SSC Self-Service, and Employee email are available in the footer of every www.ssc.edu webpage under the Self-Service heading.  You can also bookmark these tools (Example:  D2L = https://d2l.ssc.edu/).

Image of SSC.edu footer

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication is now required for SSC cloud-based services like Office 365, and D2L Brightspace. What is MFA and why is it important? Multi-Factor Authentication enhances our cyber security by requiring users to identify themselves by more than a username and password (which can be stolen). MFA requires an additional verification code sent by via email, SMS or to a mobile app (Microsoft Authenticator). You will have a choice of secondary authentication method.

Set Up Your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Now

Create or Recover Your Passphrase and Hint

Each instructor will create their own SSC passphrase to use with their network account, as well as, a hint in case the passphrase is forgotten. For security reasons, you will work directly with Network Systems. Please contact Donna Martin at 708-596-2000, extension 2670 to set or recovery your passphrase and hint.

If Donna is not available, please leave a voicemail message with your name, phone number, and the best times to return your call.

Here are some passphrase examples :

PassphraseSentence usedHint
IHav3aMast3rsFromABCI Have a Master’s From ABCDegree earned
MyDogsNameisSklppyMy Dog’s Name is SkippyPet’s name
can2wrongsmakeaRightcan 2 wrongs make a RightTwo negatives

Our system has restrictions on acceptable passphrases. Please adhere to these rules in order for your passphrase to be processed:

•             Must be at least 14 characters in length

•             Must contain at least one uppercase letter

•             Must contain at least one lowercase letter

•             Must contain at least one but no more than two numbers

•             Must NOT contain a number in the first or last position of the passphrase

•             Must NOT contain any special characters

•             Must NOT contain any spaces between characters

When are Grades Due?

Last Date to Submit Registration formsLast Date to DropLast Day to enter Attendance VerificationLast Day to Enter Midterm/Active Pursuit*Last Date to WithdrawLast Date to Enter Final Grade
*Student will receive a grade of “W”

How Do I:

If you need help with D2L please email ssconline@ssc.edu.

Entering Attendance Verification in D2L

Entering Active Pursuit and Midterms in D2L

Entering Final Grades in D2L

Access my SSC email
Visit https://www.office.com/ using your SSC email address as your username regular SSC Network Passphrase to access Outlook through Office 365.

Entering Final Grades in D2L


As an instructor, it is important that you enter data for each of your students in each of your courses. This information must be submitted to Ellucian Colleague through D2L Brightspace. This data is due on different dates and it MUST BE SUBMITTED ON TIME. Failure to do so impacts South Suburban College financially. If you are uncertain about a deadline for a particular course, please contact your department secretary or dean. It is your responsibility to know the calendar for your course.

Submitting Final Grades

While it isn’t necessary for you to submit daily attendance to the College for your course, it is necessary that you let us know if a student has stopped attending your course by entering the LAST ATTENDANCE DATE. It is not necessary to enter a LAST ATTENDANCE DATE for student that attend your course regularly. This data must be submitted by the deadline. The “Never Attended” box should only be checked at 10th Day when Attendance Verification is submitted. Submitting “Never Attended” at the end of the semester can have negative consequences on a student’s financial aid.


1. Choose GRADES from the D2L NAV BAR.

D2L Nav Bar

2. If you are not using the grade book in D2L choose ENTER GRADES to access the EXPORT TO SIS option. If are using the D2L grade book you will immediately see the EXPORT TO SIS option here.

D2L Gradebook Link
Export SIS Link

3. Choose FINAL GRADE from the grade type drop-down menu. By default, the menu is set to Final Grades.

Final Grade Drop Down

NOTE: BE SURE TO ENTER FINAL GRADE DATA IN FINAL GRADES. Be sure to use only CAPITAL LETTERS. If you accidentally submitted data in this field earlier in the semester the only way to clear that data from Colleague is to submit a paper Change of Grade form for each student impacted.

4. Enter the final grades into the OVERRIDE GRADE field for each student enrolled.

Grade Over Ride Field

5. Be sure to verify there is a CHECK MARK in the box to the left of every student’s name you wish to export. Failure to check the box will result in that student being excluded from the export to ELLUCIAN COLLEAGUE and your data will not be transmitted.

Check Students Name to the Left

6. Click EXPORT on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Export Button

7. Review the export results of the submissions for each student by scrolling to the far right column. If you receive an error other than STUDENT IS NOT ACTIVE IN THE SECTION, try submitting the data a second time. Don’t forget to add a CHECK MARK next to the student’s name you wish to export again. If the process fails a second time, please email ssconline@ssc.edu. An error of STUDENT IS NOT ACTIVE IN THE SECTION requires no further action and is an indication that the student has dropped the course. It is okay to skip this student in the future.

Arrow to Scroll Right
Export Status Message
Always check for errors. They will display immediately after the export is complete.

8. If your course is cross-listed change the section using the drop-down listing the other courses and repeat the steps for each cross-listed section.

Cross-listed Drop Down Menu
You must select and export section individual to submit data.

NOTE: Students will only be able to see the information you submit through the EXPORT TO SIS in SSC Self-Service unless you build this information into your regular D2L grade book.