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Follett Book Adoption (Follette Discover)

Follett Discover is a powerful online tool that transforms the course materials discovery and adoption process for faculty, and helps students obtain, organize and instantly access their required and recommended course materials from within your learning management system. Follett Discover Administrator role is designed to work with the faculty experience and allow department administrators to manage adoptions.

This quick reference guide provides instructions on how to:
• Set adoption permissions
• Review and approve submitted adoptions
• Pre-approve materials for faculty
• View adoption progress and compliance at a glance

Using Respondus Lockdown Browser with a Pearson MyLab course

South Suburban College has an institutional license for Respondus Lockdown Browser.  Students should never have to pay any fees associated with Respondus Lockdown Browser.

If using a MyPearson lab course, instructors will have to complete an additional step to avoid students paying a fee.  It’s a one-time set up of connecting Respondus Lockdown Browser in D2L to their Pearson  MyLab course.

Step 1: Enter your course in D2L

  • Select Quizzes > LockDown Browser
  • Select Continue
  • Under LockDown Browser Resources > Select Other Systems
  • Select the + icon next to Pearson MyLab
  • Copy the Pearson MyLab Code (code is unique for each instructor)

Step 2: Go to your Pearson MyLab course

  • Navigate to course settings > Learning Aids and Test Options
  • Under LockDown Browser and Proctoring > Check Use Automated Monitor in this course
  • Select Complete the Respondus Monitor Proctoring license Set up
  • Paste the Pearson MyLab Code from Step 1 above
  • Select Make Available

Pairing Pearson with D2L

Pairing Pearson MyLab, Mastering or Revel with D2L Brightspace provides a seamless experience for students. With a few clicks you are able to integrate your grade books and assignments like a pro.

Pairing Pearson with D2L (PDF)

Get Started with MyLab and Mastering with D2L (PDF)

Training and Support for MyLab and Modified Mastering

Training and Support for Revel

Additional Training Resources from Pearson

For additional training and recorded webinars that are course and product specific, please visit Pearson Just-In-Time Training.

Resources for Students

MyLab & Mastery – Standard Integration Student Registration (PDF)

Revel – Standard Integration Student Registration

Technical Support

  • Student’s access code not work and are they unable to login? Need to reset/ unlink an associated course? Contact Pearson Support
  • Check System Status
  • Most student issues can be resolved by clearing cache. Click here for more information
  • Inclusive Access (IA) is centered on accessibility, affordability, and equity. Through this program, Pearson is able to deliver access to course material on the first day of school. Please let me know if you would like to learn more. Here are some efficacy studies on the program:

Need additional help? Contact William Cagnassola, our Pearson Sales Representative, at (317) 306-6820.