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Latest Posts

  • 2021FA Faculty Semester Guide
    Got questions? This page is full of resources to the questions folks are asking most frequently about 2021FA. Don’t forget to check for additional resources at or email for […]
  • Getting Started with Simulcast Delivery and/or Lecture Capture
    Classrooms upgraded for simulcast delivery include a webcam, a second Epson projector, and a projection screen. The second projector and screen (located in the back of the room) can be used […]
  • Getting Started with the Promethean Titanium ActivPanel
    Need help getting to know your new Promethean Titanium ActivPanel? Here are some great resources and tips! Visit for more instructor training directly from Promethean! The following classes are currently […]
  • How to Release Final Calculated Grade to Students
    If your students report that they cannot see their total points in the gradebook in D2L, this usually means that their final calculated grade has not been released. There are two […]
  • ILCCO Resources for Educators
    Back in February, the Illinois Community Colleges Online (ILCCO) organization hosted a virtual conference on the topic of online learning. There were a number of interesting sessions and I wanted to […]
  • Passwords – Changing and Recovering Your Student Password
    Steps for Students to change, and in the future recover, their password: Using your existing Username and Password log into the Password Self-Service Portal –> Accept the short user disclaimer […]
  • Creative Ways to Communicate with Students
    Faculty Roundtable: Communicating with Students – March 18, 2021
  • Best Practices for Basic D2L Content
    Learn more not just about what you are required to post in your course, but best practices for getting started with content in D2L. Slide Deck TLC Workshop – March 16, […]
  • Reviewing Department Budgets through SSC Self-Services
    STEP ONE: Login to SSC Self-Service. Select “Financial Management” from the main menu. STEP TWO: Select “Budget to Actuals” STEP THREE: Choose either “Bar Graph” or “List” view and the “Year” […]
  • D2L: Creating Grade Items
    The following link will take you to the Brightspace Help section that details how to create grade items in your gradebook. Hopefully you will find this a useful resource when working […]
  • Changing your grade scheme in D2L
    Are you using a grade scheme other than the traditional 90/80/70% scale commonly used? If so, check out this short tutorial from Brightspace on how to set up your own grading […]
  • Chat with D2L Technical Support
    To chat with D2L Technical Support 24/7 login to our D2L Brightspace environment at From your desktop click on the “Got Questions” widget in the upper right hand corner of […]
  • Incomplete Grades
    If you have a student that needs access to your course from a previous semester, please contact SSC Online with the course, section and student information. Ask that the role of […]
  • Deleting Voicemails
    Each voicemail box in the college has a size limit and once that is reached, callers will no longer be able to leave a message. Voicemails can be deleted in several […]
  • SSC Speed Test Server
    This test is only available from off campus, but is available for all employees and students. A server has been setup on campus to test you can use to test your […]