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Latest Posts

  • Bongo Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments (webinar recording and resources)
    Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments are two Bongo integrations directly accessed through your D2L course. Virtual Classroom is used to schedule meetings with your students, with the option of recording and […]
  • Leveraging D2L Course Data (webinar recording and resources)
    Knowing how and when students are interacting with course material can be invaluable and allow instructors the opportunity tweak and adjust their content during the term. Below is an archive webinar […]
  • What’s New in D2L?
    D2L is a cloud-based learning management system that updates each month with new features and improvements.  This page summarizes these monthly improvements to keep instructors up-to-date and provide information to improve […]
  • Rubrics at SSC – General Education and Course Level
    Why are General Education Institutional Rubrics Important at SSC? General education outcomes assessments demonstrate how SSC students are performing on important, institutional skills throughout the General Education class requirements for associates […]
  • Follett Book Adoption (Follette Discover)
    Follett Discover is a powerful online tool that transforms the course materials discovery and adoption process for faculty, and helps students obtain, organize and instantly access their required and recommended course […]
  • Moving Your Course Content from Course Shell to Course Shell in D2L
    Great news! You do not need to recreate your course content every semester. It is easy to roll it over from a previous term. In D2L, enter your current course. Go […]
  • Scheduling a Virtual Classroom Meeting and Launching Bongo
    The directions below demonstrate how to schedule and launch a Virtual Classroom Bongo session for your students in D2L. To watch a recorded webinar on using Virtual Classroom, visit this site: […]
  • 2022SP Faculty Semester Guide
    Updated: January 19, 2022 Got questions? This page is full of resources to the questions folks are asking most frequently about 2022SP. Don’t forget to check for additional resources at […]
  • Cross-listed Courses in D2L
    Seeing triple or more?  When a course that is cross-listed  in Colleague is batched to D2L at least three shells are created.  One shell for each of the individual courses (ART-130-003 […]
  • D2L Course Reset
    Have you ever copied a previous course into the current term’s course shell and then realized it was the wrong course?  Or have you ever just wanted to start from scratch […]
  • D2L Course Copy – Share Content with Another Instructor
    There are times when instructors may want to share their course content with another instructor or create a backup of their course for future reference.  This is done by exporting your […]
  • Dual Delivery Student Engagement – Strategies and Examples
    Welcome to the Dual Delivery Student Engagement Strategy and Examples blog.  The Teaching and Learning staff at South Suburban College will provide strategies and examples to assist faculty in teaching in […]
  • Bongo Virtual Classroom – Large Gallery View (display 25 student cameras at once)
    Bongo recently introduced a new feature in their virtual classroom platform that increases the number of student cameras that can be displayed at one time.  The Large Gallery view can be […]
  • Join Bongo Virtual Classroom using an iPad or iPhone
    Student’s may receive an error when trying to join their Bongo Virtual Classroom using an iPad or iPhone.  However, this can be rectified by following these four simple steps: Step 1: […]
  • Using Respondus Lockdown Browser with a Pearson MyLab course
    South Suburban College has an institutional license for Respondus Lockdown Browser.  Students should never have to pay any fees associated with Respondus Lockdown Browser. If using a MyPearson lab course, instructors […]