Author: Noah Nowicki

Redshelf LTI Tool for D2L

Using Inclusive Access? You’ll need to add Redshelf to your course to give students access to their textbook and the option to opt-out (legal requirement). Use these quick reference tools to add the Redshelf LTI Tool to your D2L course shell. If you are using Cengage Unlimited you will not need to complete this step until 2021FA.

Adding RedShelf link to your course (Steps & Video)

Brightspace / D2L (Student Journey) – Has great resources to add to your course to help students understand how to access their Inclusive Access resources.

Submit a Helpdesk Ticket to Redshelf (Students & Professors) – Have a student who isn’t able to access their inclusive access materials? Wrong textbook loaded? Submit a helpdesk ticket directly to Redshelf for expedient service.

Inclusive Access Faculty Support Pathways – Not sure who to contact?

How to get to Self Service for Students

When searching for registration options or class schedules, students can use the Self Service page.  This page allows the student to manage course set up, create a calendar schedule for classes that they want to register for, and essentially ensure their registration is official.  It is an easy way to manage the student schedule, as well as, take a look at class synopsis’ and other information provided about course content, time, and date availability.  Its your one stop shop for taking classes at South Suburban.

On the home page, the lower right hand corner, click on SSC Self Service. It will ask you to log in with your SSC credentials, and from there you will be all set to start the registration process. 

Epson Brightlink Training

Here are a few helpful tips on how to use Epson Brightlink interactive projector.

1. How to Use the Easy Interactive Tools in Interactive Mode


2. How to Use the Easy Interactive Tools in Whiteboard Mode

3. How to Use the Easy Interactive Tools Command Toolbar

4. Instructions For Microsoft Ink With Word Documents

To use the Ink Pen tool on a word document
  1. Open a Microsoft Word document.
  2. Select File > scroll to ‘Options’ >
  3. On the left-hand side of the Word ‘Options’ box select ‘Customize Ribbon’
  4. Under ‘Choose Commands’ there is a drop-down box, (the first selection is says ‘Popular Commands’)> open that box and select ‘Tool Tabs’.
  5. In that tab highlight ‘Pens’
  6. Select ‘Add’ and hit ‘OK’
  7. Now in your Word document, the top menu bar should have a ‘Pens’ tab.  Clicking on that will allow you to use the Ink Pen tool at your discretion on the document
 Microsoft Custom Tools

5. How to Calibrate the Interactive Pens

Higher Education: Best Practices—Teaching and Learning

Since 1999, NEA has partnered with the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network to provide practical advice to college and university faculty on how to more effectively teach higher education students. Their Thriving in Academe guides have included guides to using social media in the classroom, how to command the attention of students, how to “flip” your classroom, how to teach for “deep learning,” and more.