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Submitted/Incomplete Quizzes in D2L

Here is how to check to see if students have completed and submitted a quiz.

  • Click on ‘GRADES’ in the Blue Navigation Bar
  • Find the quiz in the Grade book you are looking to check submission for
  • Click on the drop down arrow, select ‘Enter Grades’

Scroll down to the students name.  Under the Submission Column, select the question mark with red dot.

Under Attempt, select ‘Attempt 1’ and a new window will come up:

Where it says ‘Still in Progress’ is an indicator that the student has not yet completed or submitted the quiz. You can also click on the ‘Quizzes Event Log’ for more data. In this case, since the time to submit the quiz has passed, the student will not be able to finalize the submission process unless you provide special access to this student and change the availability date. You can also manually grade the quiz on this screen as well. 

Adding Syllabus to D2L Course Shell

  • Log on to D2L
  • Find your course using the ‘My Courses’ block or the ‘Waffle Board’
Picture of D2L Home Page ‘My Courses’ Block
Picture of ‘Waffle Board’ on D2L Home Page

Once you are in your Course Shell:

  • On the Blue Navigation bar Select : CONTENT
  • On the left hand side of the page select: ADD MODULE
  • Name the Module: Course Syllabus

Click on Course Syllabus Module for next steps

  • Use the blue ‘Upload/Create’ box to add your Syllabus

Once you are done on the bottom of the page in D2L click on ‘Save’.

The Syllabus will show up as a named Module in course content page.

D2L Course Copy – Copy Previous Course Content to a New Term Course Shell

Great news! You do not need to recreate your course content every semester. It is easy to roll it over from a previous term.

  • In D2L, enter your current course.
  • Go to Course Tools (or More) →Course Admin →Import/Export/Copy Components.
Course Tools Course Admin
  • Choose “Copy Components from another Org Unit” and select “Search for offering”.
Course to Copy
  • Type in your course ID you want to copy “from” (for example: BIO) and Search.
Course Copy Search
  • From the search list choose the course you want to copy “from”, then select “Add Selected”
Copy Selected Course
  • At the bottom of the screen, you have two options: Copy All Components (entire course) or Select Component (perhaps you just want to copy a few quizzes).
Copy all or selected

  • If you choose Select Components, select what you’d like to copy then Continue.
  • Copy Select Components

  • Course content should then copy from a previous course to a new course shell.
  • Tips to Getting Started with D2L

    1. Setup your Content Modules
      • How do you want to organize content for students?
      • How will students find course materials, assignments, quizzes?
    2. Add materials to your Content Modules
      • Upload/Create OR Existing Activities
      • Build one module to get a feel for the process
    3. Setup Virtual Classroom Sessions