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Using Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor to Proctor Assessments

A fully automated proctoring solution integrated with D2L that uses a student’s webcam to record and analyze student exam sessions.

Overview Video / What is Respondus?

Preparing an Exam for Use with Lockdown Browswer & Respondus Monitor

Join Kimberly Marks as she walks us through the process she uses to set up Respondus Monitor and LockDown Browser for her course assessments.

TLC Workshop – April 22, 2021 / Kim Marks shares her experience with Jamie Welling using Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor to proctor her exams online.


Rapid rollout for instructors: https://web.respondus.com/rapid-rollout-instructors/

Weekly training webinars: https://web.respondus.com/webinars/

Guides for Faculty and Students (including information to add to your syllabus): https://web.respondus.com/he/monitor/resources/

Using Respondus Monitor for Pearson MyLab: https://web.respondus.com/pearson-mylab/

Technical Support: https://support.respondus.com/


  1. Respondus is not compatible with tablets (other then iPads), cell phones or Chromebooks.  Our web analytics tell us that 50% of our students are accessing our web resources with one of these devices.
  2. Students with screen readers and other web accessibility software will also more than likely have compatibility issues.
  3. Students are required to have a webcam and compatible device for Respondus to work. Workstations have been set up in the computer lab (Fish Bowl) at the South Holland campus and in the Computer Lab at the Oak Forest campus for student use.

Getting Started with Bongo

Bongo provides much more than an integrated virtual classroom within D2L Brightspace. With video assignments, you can engage students in a whole new form of virtual assessment. Be sure to check out Question & Answer and Interactive Video assignments.


Join Jamie Welling and the team for step-by-step instruction on getting started with Bongo.


Learn about Bongo and hear from our panelist Amy Kelley, Michael Wilson, and Steve Vivian along with our host Jamie Welling all who are actively using Bongo.


Video Overview – We have the premium version so our meeting time has been increased from 60 minutes to 240 minutes.

Virtual Video Training with Bongo with D2L – January 6, 2021

Add a Video Assignment in D2L Brightspace

Getting Started with Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments – Learner Guide

Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments – Instructor Guide

Bongo Support Page

Bongo Knowledge Base


  • Bongo is a web-based solution. There is no software to download.
  • Bongo is completely integrated with D2L, there is no need to create an account with Bongo.
  • We have the premium version so our meeting time has been increased from 60 minutes to 240 minutes.
  • When you schedule a Virtual Classroom session it will automatically be added to the student’s calendar.
  • Virtual Classroom recordings can be added to your course content automatically.
  • Virtual backgrounds are unfortunately not available in Bongo at this time.
  • Virtual Classroom and meeting recordings are available to students through the D2L Brightspace Pulse app.
  • The digital whiteboard can be enlarged.
  • If you choose automatic recording, the recording will begin automatically at the scheduled meeting time and stop when the meeting ends. You will not be able to start and stop the recording unless you choose the manual mode.
  • Instructors will be able to access a scheduled meeting 10 minutes before it starts. Students will gain access at the scheduled meeting start time.
  • The length of time you schedule for a meeting is a hard time and the meeting will end automatically when time is up. You will receive a count down.
  • Breakout rooms are not recorded.
  • A video assignment will not appear in the D2L Grade Book until the first assignment is graded. There is no need to manually create the assignment.
  • Audio from videos isn’t sharable from an external source (YouTube, etc.). Available options are the instructor’s use of an external microphone, posting the link to the course in advance like pre-reading, sharing the video link in the chat at the appropriate time during the class, and allowing students a certain period to view it.
  • Bongo’s emphasis is on the presentation. As a result, you will be able to view no more than ten webcams at one time. During 2021, this will be expanded to rotate between the last 10 webcams that audio engaged.