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2021FA Faculty Semester Guide

Got questions? This page is full of resources to the questions folks are asking most frequently about 2021FA. Don’t forget to check for additional resources at or email for additional assistance.

Live Training Session

In-Person Classroom Equipment Training Sessions are Scheduled for the Following Days & Times in Room 3137:

  • Tuesday, August 3, 2021 @ 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM or 5:30 PM / RM 3137 – Main
  • Wednesday, August 4, 2021 @ 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM or 5:30 PM / RM 3137 – Main
  • Thursday, August 5, 2021 @ 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM or 5:30 PM / RM 3137 – Main
  • Monday, August 9, 2021 @ 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM or 5:30 PM / RM 3137 – Main
  • Tuesday, August 10, 2021 @ 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM or 5:30 PM / RM 3137 – Main
  • Wednesday, August 11, 2021 @ 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM or 5:30 PM / RM 3137 – Main

Things You Need to Know Before the Semester Begins

D2L Subscription Training / Brightspace Community

Best Practices for Basic D2L Content

Chat with D2L Technical Support

Getting Started with Simulcast Delivery and/or Lecture Capture

Getting Started with Bongo

Cross-listed Courses in D2L

Getting Started with the Promethean Titanium ActivPanel

Things You Need to Know About Grading

Entering Attendance Verification in D2L

Entering Active Pursuit and Midterms in D2L

Getting Started with Simulcast Delivery and/or Lecture Capture

Classrooms upgraded for simulcast delivery include a webcam, a second Epson projector, and a projection screen. The second projector and screen (located in the back of the room) can be used to view your virtual classroom students. Virtual classroom students will be able to view your webcam, anything you screen share, and communicate with you through chat or audio.

Example: Projection screen in the back of the classroom that displays Bongo virtual classroom.

Before Your Class Begins

  • Log on to the Teacher’s Workstation with your SSC Network Credentials
  • Turn on the Front Projector, and then the Rear Projector
  • Log into D2L at
  • Start your Virtual Classroom Session inside of D2L
  • Allow Bongo to access the Classroom Webcam and Microphone (HuddleCam 3A)

Moving the Virtual Classroom Screen to the Rear Projector

  • On the Teacher’s Workstation, locate the browser window containing your Virtual Class Session in Bongo
  • Hold down the left mouse button while on the browser window and drag it off the screen to your right
  • You will now see the browser window with the Virtual Class Session in Bongo appear on the Rear Projection Screen
  • Visit if you need help “Getting Started with Bongo”

Using the WebCam


A webcam has been installed to allow remote learners a view of the classroom. It is positioned so that it can capture not just the instructor, but also any information presented on the dry-erase board in the front of the classroom. The Webcam is on if the blue light is visible as in the photo above. If there are no lights visible on the camera, press the power button on the webcam remote as pictured below.


Using the Webcam Remote Control

  • The left/right arrows move the webcam left and right
  • The up/down arrows tilt the webcam
  • The zoom fast/slow buttons control the webcam zoom feature
  • The auto button can be used to automatically focus the webcam
  • If by chance the image displayed by the webcam is upside down, press the ‘REV’ button, this will right your image.

At the End of Class

  • Turn off Front and Rear Projectors
  • Logout of D2L
  • Logout of Teacher’s Workstation


Optional Laptop Connection

Instructors can use their personal lap top computer to replace the Teacher’s Workstation in the classroom.

NOTE: By using your personal laptop you will not be able to use the interactive features of the Epson Integrated Projector or the Promethean ActivPanel.

Step 1: Connect the USB and HDMI cables into the corresponding laptop ports as shown below.

USB Connection

HDMI Connection

Step 2: Press the black button on the left so the green light changes from input 1/A to input 2/B on the HDMI video switch. This connects the laptop to the projection system.

Step 3: Press the circular Webcam controller button to switch the Webcam connection from the Instructor Workstation to the Laptop.

USB switch


Optional Use of a Document Camera

  • Turn on (Blue Light Comes On) the Elmo Document Camera Power
  • Select ‘EIT ICON’ Shortcut on Teachers Workstation.
Elmo Operation Face, Power

Select ‘Primary Display’ to display image on Teachers Workstation or Select ‘Secondary Display’ to display image on Projector Display Screen.

Users can use the ‘Pen Feature’ within the EIT Program to mark or edit what is being displayed.

Elmo Pen User Options
PC Display Output

Once you are finished with the unit, make sure you turn the document camera off. (NO Lights on the unit).

Chat with D2L Technical Support

  1. To chat with D2L Technical Support 24/7 login to our D2L Brightspace environment at
  2. From your desktop click on the “Got Questions” widget in the upper right hand corner of the main landing page.
    D2L Support Widget
  3. Click on “Chat with Support” in the lower right-hand side. Chat with D2L Support
  4. If additional assistance is needed, please do not hesitate to contact the Teaching and Learning Center at

Incomplete Grades

If you have a student that needs access to your course from a previous semester, please contact SSC Online with the course, section and student information. Ask that the role of “Incomplete Student” be assigned to the student for that particular course.

If you had dates on the assignments the need to be submit you should be able to assign “View Content that is Not Released” or add a new date for just that student as a Release Condition.

Information for Dual Credit Instructors

We will be using D2L Brightspace this semester as our learning management system (LMS). We will no longer being using Moodle.

Links to D2L Brightspace, Office 365, SSC Self-Service, and Employee email are available in the footer of every webpage under the Self-Service heading.  You can also bookmark these tools (Example:  D2L =

Image of footer

Some of these resources will require you to use your SSC email address (D2L for Example: and others will require just your user name (Example: tmakin) so be sure to look at the instructions on each login page. All will require that you use your SSC network passphrase.

When are Grades Due?

Last Date to enter Attendance VerificationLast Date to Enter Midterm/ Active PursuitLast Date to Enter Final Grade

Thank you for supporting the Dual Credit Program with South Suburban College and your high school.

How Do I:

If you need help with D2L please email

Entering Attendance Verification in D2L

Entering Active Pursuit and Midterms in D2L

Entering Final Grades in D2L

Access my SSC email
Visit Please enter TIC\plus your user name (i.e. TIC\tmakin) in the field labeled “Domain\User Name:”. Your passphrase will be your regular SSC Network Passphrase

Create or Recover Your Passphrase and Hint
Each instructor will create their own SSC passphrase to use with their network account, as well as, a hint in case the passphrase is forgotten. For security reasons, you will work directly with Network Systems. Please contact Joshua Patel at 708-596-2000, extension 2675 to set or recovery your passphrase and hint.

If Joshua is not available, please leave a voicemail message with your name, phone number, and the best times to return your call.

Here are some passphrase examples :

PassphraseSentence usedHint
IHav3aMast3rsFromABCI Have a Master’s From ABCDegree earned
MyDogsNameisSklppyMy Dog’s Name is SkippyPet’s name
can2wrongsmakeaRightcan 2 wrongs make a RightTwo negatives

Our system has restrict ions on acceptable passphrases. Please adhere to these rules in order for your passphrase to be processed:

•             Must be at least 14 characters in length

•             Must contain at least one uppercase letter

•             Must contain at least one lowercase letter

•             Must contain at least one but no more than two numbers

•             Must NOT contain a number in the first or last position of the passphrase

•             Must NOT contain any special characters

•             Must NOT contain any spaces between characters

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