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D2L: Creating Grade Items

The following link will take you to the Brightspace Help section that details how to create grade items in your gradebook. Hopefully you will find this a useful resource when working with your own gradebook.

Chat with D2L Technical Support

To chat with D2L Technical Support 24/7 login to our D2L Brightspace environment at From your desktop click on the “Got Questions” widget in the upper right hand corner of the main landing page. Click on “Chat with Support” in the lower right-hand side. If additional assistance is needed, please do not hesitate to […]

Incomplete Grades

If you have a student that needs access to your course from a previous semester, please contact SSC Online with the course, section and student information. Ask that the role of “Incomplete Student” be assigned to the student for that particular course. If you had dates on the assignments the need to be submit you […]

Information for Dual Credit Instructors

We will be using D2L Brightspace this semester as our learning management system (LMS). We will no longer being using Moodle. Links to D2L Brightspace, Office 365, SSC Self-Service, and Employee email are available in the footer of every webpage under the Self-Service heading.  You can also bookmark these tools (Example:  D2L = […]

Cross-listed Courses in D2L

Seeing triple or more?  When a course that is cross-listed  in Colleague is batched to D2L at least three shells are created.  One shell for each of the individual courses (ART-130-003 and then ART-E77-703) and one shell with the courses combined (ART-130-003, ART-E77-703).  This process allows instructors increased flexibility.  If you do not plan to […]

Integrating Cengage Mindtap with D2L

Cengage Learning now provides integration with your D2L BrightSpace course. This enables instructors to add Cengage Learning MindTap content to their courses, synchronize scores, and eliminate multiple logins for students. Live Virtual Video Training / 12-16-2020 Resources Instructors Guide for Integration (PDF) Educator Guides Cengage Tech Support

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