As an instructor, it is important that you enter data for each of your students in each of your courses. This information must be submitted to Ellucian Colleague through D2L Brightspace. This data is due on different dates and it MUST BE SUBMITTED ON TIME. Failure to do so impacts South Suburban College financially. If you are uncertain about a deadline for a particular course, please contact your department secretary or dean. It is your responsibility to know the calendar for your course.

Submitting Attendance Verification

While it isn’t necessary for you to submit daily attendance to the College for your course, it is necessary that you submit an Attendance Verification for each student. Attendance Verification simply lets us know that a student has attended class within the first few meetings of the course and helps set the student up for a successful semester. An “S” (satisfactory) or “NS” (not satisfactory) is to be entered into the “Override Grade” field on the Midterm Grade 3 screen. If a student has not attended your course by the deadline, that student should be issued an “NS” and the “Never Attended” box should be checked on the Midterm Grade 3 screen. This data must be submitted by the deadline. Waiting to check the “Never Attended” box until a later time can have negative consequences on a student’s financial aid.

When the “Never Attended” box is check, students receive a notice that they have 3 days to contact the instructor or Registration to notify them that an error has been made. At the end of the three day period, the student will be dropped from the course. Do not wait until MIDTERM to mark a student as NEVER ATTENDED. It hurts the student in the long run. It is always possible to re-admit a student if they were dropped in error or in working with your dean an exception needs to be made.


  1. Choose GRADES from the D2L NAV BAR.
D2L Nav Bar

2. If you are not using the grade book in D2L choose ENTER GRADES to access the EXPORT TO SIS option. If are using the D2L grade book you will immediately see the EXPORT TO SIS option here.

D2L Gradebook Link
Export SIS Link

3. Choose Midterm 3 from the grade type drop-down menu. By default, the menu is set to Final Grades.

Do Not Use Grade Type is FInal Grade

NOTE: This data is entered incorrectly more than any other required data. DO NOT ENTER ATTENDANCE VERIFICATION DATA IN FINAL GRADES TAB. If you enter data into the Final Grade Tab by mistake you will be required to submit a paper Change of Grade form for each student individually. This creates a lot of extra work for you, your dean and the Registration team. Be sure to use only CAPITAL LETTERS.

Use Grade Type Midterm 3

4. Enter either an S or NS into the OVERRIDE GRADE field for each student enrolled.

5. If you are issuing an NS for a student for ATTENDANCE VERIFICATION you should also be checking the “NEVER ATTENDED” box for that student.

6. Be sure to verify there is a CHECK MARK in the box to the left of every student’s name you wish to export. Failure to check the box will result in that student being excluded from the export to ELLUCIAN COLLEAGUE and your data will not be transmitted.

Check Students Name to the Left

7. Click EXPORT on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Export Button

8. Review the export results of the submissions for each student by scrolling to the right If you receive an error other than STUDENT IS NOT ACTIVE IN THE SECTION, try submitting the data a second time. Don’t forget to add a CHECK-MARK next to the student’s name you wish to export again. If the process fails a second time, please email An error of STUDENT IS NOT ACTIVE IN THE SECTION requires no further action and is an indication that the student has dropped the course. It is okay to skip this student in the future.

Arrow to Scroll Right
Click this floating arrow to scroll right and verity the status of your export.
Export Status Message
Always check for errors. They will display immediately after the export is complete.

9. If your course is cross-listed change the section using the drop-down listing the other courses and repeat the steps for each cross-listed section.

Cross-listed Drop Down Menu
You must select and export each section individual to submit data.

NOTE: Students will only be able to see the information you submit through the EXPORT TO SIS in SSC Self-Service unless you build this information into your regular D2L grade book.