Bongo recently introduced a new feature in their virtual classroom platform that increases the number of student cameras that can be displayed at one time.  The Large Gallery view can be found under settings and can be utilized by both the instructor and student to customize their individual view. Presentation view is on by default, but users can toggle between Presentation view and Large Gallery view.

Bongo Virtual Classroom Large Gallery View
Bongo Virtual Classroom Large Gallery View

Toggle Between Presentation view and Large Gallery view

  • While in the virtual classroom, select the Settings options (three dots in the upper right corner)
Bongo Virtual Classroom Settings
  • Select Large Gallery view
Bongo Virtual Classroom Toggle to Large Gallery View

  • Repeat steps to return to Presentation view
  • Important Note – In order to use Large Gallery view, at least one camera must be turned on, otherwise this option will be greyed out.  Large Gallery view is not available on mobile devices.

    Pin Your Camera to be the First Displayed

    • Click on Participants
    • Select Your Name
    • Select Pin camera
    Bongo Virtual Classroom Pin Camera

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