This test is only available from off campus, but is available for all employees and students.

A server has been setup on campus to test you can use to test your connect to from home to determine the quality of your Internet connection to access D2L, Bongo, Microsoft Teams, etc.

To get started visit, and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select the down arrow (see highlighted)

Screen Shot 1 of Speed Test Process

Step 2: Type in South Suburban College (see highlighted)

Screen Shot 2 of Speed Test Process

Step 3: Click on South Suburban College (see highlighted)

Screen Shot 3 of Speed Test Process

Step 4: Click on Go (see highlighted) to start the test

Screen Shot 4 of Speed Test Process

Step 5: View Results

Screen Shot 5 of Speed Test Process

For the best experience with video conferencing (Bongo, Microsoft Teams, etc.) or VPN access to South Suburban College, you should have ping less than 100 ms, jitter less than 10 ms, download greater than 6.0 Mbps, and upload greater than 3.0 Mbps.

Please note that these suggested values will be affected by the amount of users that you actively have on your home network. The more devices you have attached to your network at any one time, the less available upload and download bandwidth you will have, and your ping and jitter values will go up as well.

If you find that your network is not performing at the minimum recommendation listed above please contact John McCormack.