STEP ONE: Login to SSC Self-Service. Select “Financial Management” from the main menu.

Main Menu in SSC Self-Service

STEP TWO: Select “Budget to Actuals”

Link to Budget to Actuals

STEP THREE: Choose either “Bar Graph” or “List” view and the “Year” you would like to display across the top of the page.

Change Budget View

STEP FOUR: Select “Apply Filter” on the lower left side of the page to display all of your available accounts.

Apply Filter Button

STEP FIVE (OPTIONAL): Enter Your Cost Center number in the “Department” field on the left side of the page to look at only one account and select “Apply Filter”.

Enter your Cost Center Number

STEP SIX: Select the account you would like to view for transactions.

Displayed Account Numer

STEP SEVEN: Select “Document” ID to view the details of the transaction.

Account Transaction Link

STEP EIGHT: Select the “Line Item” you would like to view in detail by selecting the arrow.

Please contact Lisa Santoro in the IT Department at ext. 2274 for further information.