Moodle Training Modules

How to Import Content into a New Course Shell

Turn Editing Settings On

In your new course:

On the right hand side of the Moodle course, find your Administration Block

Scroll down to IMPORT

A list of courses will be on the page, listed in alphabetical order. You can either scroll through the pages of courses, or much easier just type the name of the course your looking for in the search bar. Then select your preferred course.

Then you will work through several steps to select which content from past courses you want in the new course, if your not sure about the content you want or don’t want in your new course, don’t worry you can always delete out of the new course what you don’t want.

  1. Course Selection   2. Initial Settings   3. Schema Settings   4. Confirm and Review   5. Perform Import   6. Complete.

It is recommended that you do uncheck “Include groups and groupings” and “Announcements” from the import process to avoid duplicating these items in your shell.

Uncheck groups and groupings Uncheck Announcements during import

TLC Student

Moodle Content for Students

After you have logged on to your Moodle course the first thing you should note is how the interface works.  There are two factors of how the page works. Number one is the Content (outline/material) within the page.  Number Two is the Blocks or functionality within the page.

Below are small lists of what you should be prepared to look for in these areas.

A. Content                                                                                                             

  1. Outline style-
  2. Specific Dates for Assignments
  3. Can be Topic Based or Due Dates
  4. Most courses set up week to week basis throughout semester


B. Function

  1.    Latest news about the course
  2.    Forums or Discussions within the course
  3.    My Courses options  (toggle back and forth between your courses)
  4.    Moodle Email
  5.    Blocks are collapsible for easy navigation throughout the page.
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How to get to Self Service for Students

When searching for registration options or class schedules, students can use the Self Service page.  This page allows the student to manage course set up, create a calendar schedule for classes that they want to register for, and essentially ensure their registration is official.  It is an easy way to manage the student schedule, as well as, take a look at class synopsis’ and other information provided about course content, time, and date availability.  Its your one stop shop for taking classes at South Suburban.

On the home page, the lower right hand corner, click on SSC Self Service. It will ask you to log in with your SSC credentials, and from there you will be all set to start the registration process. 

Moodle Training Modules

Adjusting Quizzes

Instructors who use Moodle grade book, have frequently asked us how they can make adjustments to students quiz grades after the quiz was taken and initially graded within Moodle.  They are two ways to do this.

A. Manually adjusting every grade.

  1. Go to grades and select “single view” from the pull down menu near the top left of the screen.
  2. Once there select the “grade item” you want to adjust
  3. On the grade item screen scroll to the right and you will see a column labeled “override”
  4. Select “all” under override and you will now be able to manually enter a score and/or adjust the score

B. The other option is to add 5 points to every quiz as a default for that quiz.  To do this follow these steps:

  1. Go to the grade book setup
  2. Select “edit settings” for the item you want to add points to.
  3. Scroll down and just above “grade category” you will see a link for “show more”. Click this
  4. Find “offset” and enter the number of points you want added to each student’s quiz.
  5. Don’t forget to select “save changes” when done.







TLC Student

What Is Moodle

Moodle is the on line based program that South Suburban uses to teach both completely on-line type courses as well as traditional face to face course instruction.

It is the essential way to receive content from the course, including the course syllabus, course instructions and news forums that will assist the student in learning.  Moodle provides ways to discuss material through its news forum option.  This can be material or messages that the instructor has sent, or students can present information in the forum section as well.  The news forum section is like an open instant message system within the class, which can provide all the members of the class help if needed.

The instructor in any particular Moodle course has set up the way the class interacts.  Students can easily navigate to where assignments are, or due dates for quizzes and tests.  Keep in mind that most instructors set up time limits on when the student can submit homework assignments or taking quizzes.  So be sure to keep up with the work so that it doesn’t affect your overall grade. Be aware as well that Moodle has a separate e mail link than your SSC email, so if a student has any further questions about how they can achieve things within the course they can always use this e mail.

If extra help is needed, the student can always ask the instructor, or we encourage them to call the Moodle help desk.

708-225-5825 option 2 



TLC Student

Reclaiming A Lost Password

Don’t Know Your Password?

Did you know your secure user name and password are unique?  You can receive your password by visiting the Office of Admissions (Rm 2348) on the main campus with a valid photo ID.  If you have a secondary email address on file with the college you can just call the Office of Admissions (708-210-5718) with your username or student ID number to have your password sent to this secondary address.  You can also use the online resend password form.  An email will then be sent to the secondary email address on file.


Faculty News Training Modules

SMART Boards and Projectors

This website offers training tips as well as standardized ways to use SMART Boards and Projectors in the class room.  Please email or call 708-255-5890 option 2 to arrange for in-person training with a member of our team.

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Several Ways Students Can Log on to Moodle

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Accessing Moodle

1.  Students are encouraged to access Moodle directly by typing in the URL into their web browser.  For the best experience we recommend using Google Chrome, Fire Fox and Safari.


2.  Visit and use the link in the footer menu under Self Service on almost any SSC webpage or on the SSC Self Service page itself.


Training Modules

Epson Brightlink Training

Here are a few helpful tips on how to use Epson Brightlink interactive projector.

1. How to Use the Easy Interactive Tools in Interactive Mode


2. How to Use the Easy Interactive Tools in Whiteboard Mode

3. How to Use the Easy Interactive Tools Command Toolbar

4. Instructions For Microsoft Ink With Word Documents

To use the Ink Pen tool on a word document
  1. Open a Microsoft Word document.
  2. Select File > scroll to ‘Options’ >
  3. On the left-hand side of the Word ‘Options’ box select ‘Customize Ribbon’
  4. Under ‘Choose Commands’ there is a drop-down box, (the first selection is says ‘Popular Commands’)> open that box and select ‘Tool Tabs’.
  5. In that tab highlight ‘Pens’
  6. Select ‘Add’ and hit ‘OK’
  7. Now in your Word document, the top menu bar should have a ‘Pens’ tab.  Clicking on that will allow you to use the Ink Pen tool at your discretion on the document
 Microsoft Custom Tools

5. How to Calibrate the Interactive Pens