Each voicemail box in the college has a size limit and once that is reached, callers will no longer be able to leave a message.

Voicemails can be deleted in several different ways.

  • By signing into your voicemail on your desk phone and deleting all unwanted messages.
  • By deleting the voicemail notification email in your Outlook inbox, it will in turn delete the message from your voicemail.
  • Using Jabber, you can delete voicemail messages right from the Jabber application.
  • By accessing your voicemail box from outside the college and deleting unwanted messages. See steps below.

To log into voicemail from outside the college.

  • Dial your own DID number or
  • Dial  external number 708-225-5800
  • Press the * key when voicemail greeting answers
  • Enter your ID (extension), then press # key.
  • Enter your password, then press the # key.

Also, if you have a department line voicemail box, please make sure that all unwanted voicemail messages are deleted.

Please reach out to Academic Computing with any questions.