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Microsoft Office 365 – Using OneDrive at SSC (Online Webinar)

October 31, 2023 @ 11:00 am 12:00 pm

Microsoft OneDrive is an online file storage area for instructors, staff and administrators at South Suburban College. It works seamlessly with Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, SharePoint, and Forms (online survey tool). Join the Teaching and Learning Center for this online webinar to get started using Microsoft OneDrive. 

The Teaching and Learning Center will demonstrate:  

Accessing your work files from anywhere and any device. This allows access to your work files at home (or any location), even if you don’t have access to your work computer (all you need is a device with an internet connection). 

Collaborating and co-authoring documents in real time. Placing a document on OneDrive and sharing access to the file, allows for seamless collaboration to co-author documents live and at the same time, with version control.  

Alternative ways of sharing large files (or any files) with co-workers. Placing files on OneDrive avoids the act of attaching a large file to an email or sharing files on a USB thumb drive. OneDrive provides each individual 1 Terabyte of storage space for your work files. Since there are file size limitations when sending a file via SSC’s email, sharing a link to the file from OneDrive is a much easier method.  

Setting permissions to shared files. Files placed on OneDrive are private. Sharing files stored on OneDrive allows you to set permissions on who can see a document, whether they can edit the document and even have capability of blocking a user from downloading. 

Accessing version control. Have you ever deleted a paragraph in a document only to discover you need to place that back in a file? Files stored on OneDrive provide a version history of each time the file was saved. Clicking on version history allows you to restore a previously saved document or copy a part of the document to place back into the current document.  

Syncing your local desktop files as a backup (optional). SSC employees have the option of backing up their entire desktop to OneDrive. This is an optional feature but allows you access to your files should you have issues with your work computer.

Using the cloud versions of Microsoft Office applications.  Perhaps you need to create a a PowerPoint, but you don’t have PowerPoint installed on your home computer. Microsoft Office 365 provides online versions of its suite of applications, such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, just to name a few.  

Join the Teaching and Learning Center for this online webinar as we get instructors and staff started using Microsoft OneDrive. 

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