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Promethean ActivPanel – Discover Other Creative Usages (Self-Paced Online Course) 

August 27 @ 10:00 am 11:00 am

Are you teaching a course at SSC and your classroom has the Promethean ActivPanel Board?  Are you looking for some exciting ways to increase engagement for your students.  Sign up for this 30-minute, online self-paced course demonstrating various scenarios that you can use in your physical classroom:  

  • Scenario #1: Covers how to turn your existing resources into engaging lessons, mark up the content, export as a pdf.  You can then post this pdf to D2L.  
  • Scenario #2: Build lessons using the built-in templates. The Promethean ActivPanel board has several templates that instructors can easily find under the insert image option.  These templates include a Periodic Table, Mindmaps, Fraction Equivalence Strip, T-Chart, Circle Fraction, Geoboards, just to name a few. 
  • Scenario #3: Multi-User Races.  Use the built-in timer and alphabet spinner to have two students race to brainstorm words or ideas.  
  • Scenario #4: Rub and Reveal.  Upload any image and label certain areas of the image.  An example is parts of the human brain.  Create a white shape to cover the labels.  As you teach, reveal the labels by simply erasing the white shape that covered the labels.  
  • Scenario #4: Build a Story. Upload several images or open up Chromium to capture images from the internet.  Showcase those images on the whiteboard. Use the spinner with creative words.  Have students build a story based on the images and the words the spinner landed upon.  
  • Scenario #5: Science Lab. Upload scientific images and have students come up to the board circle certain parts based on your question you ask in class.   
  • Scenario #6: Guess Who. Upload a certain image and have students guess who it is by sliding the revealing answer.  
  • Scenario #7: Scavenger Hunt. Use the spinner tool to add certain words.  After the spinner lands on certain words, have the students search the internet for images on a laptop they are using in class. Have students share their screens with the Promethean screen sharing tool to share their findings. 
  • Scenario #8: Hundreds Plus.  Select the Hundreds Plus template (part of the many templates preloaded).   Enable multi-user mode.  Add the timer and spinner to have students circle values. Clear all annotations to begin the process with new values from the spinner tool.  

To learn about these teaching scenarios that are easy to set up on the Promethean ActivPanel, sign up for this course.  Note: You must create a user account with Promethean to sign up for this free course.  

To register, visit:  

Have you created interesting ways of using the Promethean ActivPanel Board?  If so, let the Teaching and Learning Center know by emailing ssconline@ssc.edu.  We would love to showcase examples of how other instructors are using this technology. 

Need assistance setting up any of these creative ideas?  Let the Teaching and Learning know (ssconline@ssc.edu) and we can brainstorm ways to make it work.