Moodle is the on line based program that South Suburban uses to teach both completely on-line type courses as well as traditional face to face course instruction.

It is the essential way to receive content from the course, including the course syllabus, course instructions and news forums that will assist the student in learning.  Moodle provides ways to discuss material through its news forum option.  This can be material or messages that the instructor has sent, or students can present information in the forum section as well.  The news forum section is like an open instant message system within the class, which can provide all the members of the class help if needed.

The instructor in any particular Moodle course has set up the way the class interacts.  Students can easily navigate to where assignments are, or due dates for quizzes and tests.  Keep in mind that most instructors set up time limits on when the student can submit homework assignments or taking quizzes.  So be sure to keep up with the work so that it doesn’t affect your overall grade. Be aware as well that Moodle has a separate e mail link than your SSC email, so if a student has any further questions about how they can achieve things within the course they can always use this e mail.

If extra help is needed, the student can always ask the instructor, or we encourage them to call the Moodle help desk.

708-225-5825 option 2