Pearson offers Direct Integration between Brightspace (D2L) and its MyLab/Mastering products. Direct integration allows instructors and students to log into Brightspace (D2L) and click a link to access their Pearson resources without the need for the user to create a new account, create a course, or to log in a second time. Instructors can work with their Pearson Representative to design the course experience that meets their specific teaching and learning objectives.

Pearson Direct Integration provides:

● Single Sign-On (SSO) from Brightspace (D2L) directly into an instructor’s MyLab/Mastering course resources. This standards-based integration uses IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), a proven integration protocol.

● Custom course development by Pearson Digital Integration Services with input from the instructor and utilizing instructional design best practices.

● Direct links to MyLab/Mastering resources ensure the student is presented with the educational materials they need from their Brightspace (D2L) course

● Automated Grade Sync between the Pearson MyLab/Mastering course gradebooks and the Brightspace (D2L) Gradebook.

Student Experience

Students who access their MyLab/Mastering resources from within their Brightspace (D2L) course will enjoy a seamless experience. The student signs into Brightspace (D2L) and navigates to their course. From within their Brightspace (D2L) course, the student can view their course materials and resources as organized by their instructor. The student can then click links to access their MyLab/Mastering content, including Course Home, Homework, Quizzes & Tests, Pearson eText, Study Plan, Results, etc. Because the student is not prompted for a second login, the student perceives the MyLab/Mastering content accessed from Brightspace (D2L) as part of a more unified experience.

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Instructor Experience

Instructors also enjoy a seamless experience managing their MyLab/Mastering resources from within their Brightspace (D2L) course. As part of the course design process, direct links from Brightspace (D2L) into the MyLab/Mastering management tools are provided in the content modules of the course.

Instructors can organize student links within the module to MyLab/Mastering resources such as Course Home, Homework, Quizzes & Tests, Pearson eText, Study Plan, Results, etc. Students can then click on any link within a module to access that resource. Integrated Brightspace (D2L) courses are built to user specifications to meet each instructor’s teaching and learning objectives. Employing instructional design best practices, integrated courses are delivered as Brightspace (D2L) exports ready to import directly into an instructor’s Brightspace (D2L) course shell.

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