TLC Student

Moodle Content for Students

After you have logged on to your Moodle course the first thing you should note is how the interface works.  There are two factors of how the page works. Number one is the Content (outline/material) within the page.  Number Two is the Blocks or functionality within the page.

Below are small lists of what you should be prepared to look for in these areas.

A. Content                                                                                                             

  1. Outline style-
  2. Specific Dates for Assignments
  3. Can be Topic Based or Due Dates
  4. Most courses set up week to week basis throughout semester


B. Function

  1.    Latest news about the course
  2.    Forums or Discussions within the course
  3.    My Courses options  (toggle back and forth between your courses)
  4.    Moodle Email
  5.    Blocks are collapsible for easy navigation throughout the page.