Moodle Training Modules

How to Import Content into a New Course Shell

Turn Editing Settings On

In your new course:

On the right hand side of the Moodle course, find your Administration Block

Scroll down to IMPORT

A list of courses will be on the page, listed in alphabetical order. You can either scroll through the pages of courses, or much easier just type the name of the course your looking for in the search bar. Then select your preferred course.

Then you will work through several steps to select which content from past courses you want in the new course, if your not sure about the content you want or don’t want in your new course, don’t worry you can always delete out of the new course what you don’t want.

  1. Course Selection   2. Initial Settings   3. Schema Settings   4. Confirm and Review   5. Perform Import   6. Complete.

It is recommended that you do uncheck “Include groups and groupings” and “Announcements” from the import process to avoid duplicating these items in your shell.

Uncheck groups and groupings Uncheck Announcements during import