Moodle TLC Student

Assignments and Homework

Recently it has come to my attention that students need help in turning in assignments and homework within the respective Moodle course. Let’s say the instructor assigns the student a simple question and answer format for homework. You read the passage assigned, feel comfortable in answering the questions related to the read, just like reading comprehension homework that has happened throughout the educational process. So now inside Moodle, the homework is ready to be turned in.

Most instructors offer one of two ways the work can be turned in.

Sample assignment in week of class

Lets say the student is asked to take a look at a few photos of some plants cells in biology. Then the student has to write a few facts about each cell, creating somewhat of a self study guide.

The first way to turn in the assignment is too click on the assignment, in this case a sample photo assignment, and a box will appear with instructions. Click on ADD Submission, and an Online Text box will appear. The Student then can just type their answers in the box and save the changes, turn in the assignment and then await grading.

The second way is the familiar drag and drop files option, or file submission. Maybe the instructor wants you to use more advanced answers, and has asked you to write a couple pages on the pictures of your plant cells. So the student opens a word document, has done all the research and has saved their work to a file folder on their desktop, or a flash drive. The student will see a box that looks similar to this:

Sample File upload box

Simply drag and drop your file into the box by clicking on the file where you have it saved, or use the add feature in the right hand corner of the drop box, and search for your file, select upload, then submit your assignment. It works very similar to attaching files in an ordinary e-mail account.